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Aldran's Quick & Easy Specialty Products!


Industrial & Municipal Cleaners

Big Bad Blue - Portable Toilet Deodorizer #1006
This ultra concentrate is formulated to disperse foul odors and break down solids and sludge into a liquefied form, does not contain formaldehyde or alcohol.

Big O Towels - Citrus Hand Cleaner & Multi-Purpose Towels #1100

Big O X - Citrus High Concentrate Degreaser #1008
A highly concentrated water soluble citrus all purpose degreaser that can be used for all types of cleaning jobs. Big O-X does not contain any petroleum distillates.

Blanket #5024
Formulated to penetrate, encapsulate and cover whenever it is sprayed like a blanket. This product will suppress and hold down many types of growth including insect breeding due to lack of oxygen.

Concrete Cleaners

DSCR - Diesel, Carbon and Smoke Repellent #1016
A ready to use carbon repellent that is safe on glass-plastic-metal and rubber. Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable.

Dura-Grip Non-Slip Floor Paint (4 Colors) #3037
Non-slip epoxy coating. Safety yellow, black, gray, and clear.

Dyna Steam - Liquid & Powder Steam Cleaner #1013
Formulated to remove heavy duty grease, oil and dirt from metal and concrete surfaces.

Dyna Tar - Heavy Duty Tar Remover #1058
Emulsifying degreaser and tar remover for fast, safe removal of tar, asphalt and heavy amounts of grease and oil. Does not contains solvents.

Engine Degreaser

Formula 100 Degreaser - Heavy Duty Concentrate #1090
Powerful multi-purpose cleaner and  degreaser with over a 100 uses! Water based cleaner and degreaser quickly removes grease and grime from any surface.

Graf-Off Towels #1201
Removes paint and varnish in one easy step.

Great Stuff - Graffiti Remover #4125
Non-Toxic and biodegradable, use as is. Removes paint, varnish, ink, and ball point pen.

Green Devil - Degreaser #1025
Concentrated heavy duty water soluble degreaser with a pleasant deodorizing fragrance

H.D. all purpose degreaser

Heavy Duty Non-Chlorinated Solvent #4178-1
Concentrated solvent cleaner for heavy duty cleaning, use as it. Formulated to remove baked on grease and carbon from equipment.

Hot & Cold Parts Washer

Just Great II - Non-Acid Rust Remover #4128
Rapidly removes rust on all hard surfaces and fabric.

Keep It Open - Drain Opener #4182
A fast acting, easy to use drain opener that quickly opens all sinks, toilet, floor drains and grease traps. Fully inhibited to avoid damage to plumbing.

Liquid Dynamite - Safety Solvent Degreaser Concentrate #1032
Concentrated heavy duty water soluble safety solvent degreaser, non-flammable for ultimate cleaning of grease, oil, carbon deposits.

Natures Blend #1204
Ready to use organic solvent degreaser, formulated to clean grease, carbon, heavy oils, concrete, ink and many petroleum type cleaning jobs. Natures Blend replaces dangerous solvents that are not biodegradable.

Over Coat Pro - Industrial Heavy Duty Sealant #1002
Protects Hard Surfaces Against Chemicals - Solvents - Graffiti and Water Proofing.

Power House - Heavy Duty Degreaser #1477
Can be used in pressure washer steam cleaner, hand held sprayer or mopping.

Put Down - Powdered Defoamer #5017
Less expensive than liquid.

Quick Floor - Ultra High Strength No Shrink Cement #5025
Construction grade, multi-purpose. Can be walked on in 10 minutes and driven over in 20 minutes.

Sewer Flush Concentrate

Steam Cleaners or Presure Washers

Super Ox Off - Inhibited Acid Cleaner #4142
A heavy duty formulation designed to remove deposits of lime, rust, scale, metal corrosion, excess mortar and other mineral deposits.

Super Orange Degreaser - Heavy Duty Solvent Replacement #1052
A powerful citrus degreaser that will dissolve grease, carbon, heavy oils, concrete and ink. Super orange can be used on a variety of jobs to replace dangerous solvents that are not biodegradable.

 Terminator - Rust Converter #4147
Converts existing rust into a permanent hard black coating that will not re-rust. Can be sanded or painted. Water and moisture resistant - permanent coating for extending metal & steel life. © 2018 - 1313 N. Carolan Ave. Burlingame, CA 94010 - 1(800)969-3378 
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